top of page reveals latest sustainable travel data research's 2024 Sustainable Travel Report investigated current traveler behaviors and preferences regarding sustainable travel. Here are the key findings:

  • Travelers Want to Be More Sustainable: The report indicates a continued interest in sustainable travel among travelers. Many aim to make more environmentally-conscious choices.

  • Challenges Exist: Despite the positive intentions, travelers also reported facing roadblocks in sustainable travel. Nearly half of those surveyed felt that the damage to the environment has already been done and individual choices make little difference.

  • Industry Collaboration is Key:  Travelers expressed a desire for collective action from the travel industry and governments to make sustainable travel easier to achieve. This includes implementing sustainable practices and clear communication of those practices.

  • Standardization Needed: Travelers emphasized the need for consistent sustainability certifications across booking platforms.

  • Silver Linings: The report also found positive aspects. Travelers who made sustainable choices reported feeling a sense of accomplishment and a positive impact on their trips. This translated into more sustainable practices in their daily lives.

The study highlights a need for the travel industry to work together to make sustainable travel more accessible and easier for travelers to choose and understand.

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