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Innovation of the Day: Charlotte Tilbury Launches Mood-Boosting Fragrance Line

Charlotte Tilbury's new fragrance line consists of six scents crafted to evoke specific emotions and enhance mood. The fragrances are formulated with luxurious ingredients and guided by neuroscience to trigger emotional responses. Here are the key points from the summary:

- Goal of Mood-Boosting: The new fragrance line is designed to evoke emotions such as confidence, love, happiness, energy, relaxation, and intimacy.

- Science & Luxury: The fragrances combine neuroscience with luxurious ingredients to create unique scents.

- Details of the Six Fragrances:

- Cosmic Power (spicy amber): Designed to evoke confidence.

- Love Frequency (woody floral): Promotes feelings of love.

- Joyphoria (warm floral): Aims to induce happiness.

- Magic Energy (woody citrus): Boosts energy.

- Calm Bliss (aquatic floral): Encourages relaxation.

- More Sex (leather musk): Enhances intimacy.

- Layering & Personalization: Customers can layer the fragrances to create personalized scent combinations for desired emotional blends.

- Packaging & Inspiration: The design of the fragrance bottles is inspired by 18th-century alchemy bottles, featuring colors and symbols that represent the corresponding emotions.

- Functional Fragrance Trend: The launch aligns with a growing trend in the beauty industry towards fragrances that offer well-being and emotional benefits.

This new fragrance line not only provides sensory experiences but also taps into the growing demand for beauty products that focus on wellness and emotional health.


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