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Innovation of the Day: Diageo uses AI to recommend cocktail recipes


  • Diageo launched a new AI-powered digital platform called "What's Your Cocktail" that recommends cocktail recipes based on user preferences.

  • The platform uses Flavorprint technology, which creates a digital representation of consumers' taste palates through a series of questions.

  • The platform also offers food pairing suggestions and a path-to-purchase service.

  • Insights from the service reveal a growing trend for savoury and sweet cocktail flavors.

  • Diageo plans to expand the platform globally in the coming years.

Key Takeaway:

Diageo is leveraging AI technology to enhance consumer engagement and drive sales by providing personalized cocktail recommendations and a seamless shopping experience.


The use of AI in the beverage industry is a growing trend, with companies using it to personalize recommendations, optimize advertising, and improve the customer experience.


  • Diageo's "What's Your Cocktail" platform is a successful example of how AI can be used to engage consumers and drive sales.

  • The platform's focus on personalization and convenience is likely to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

  • The growing trend for savoury and sweet cocktail flavors presents an opportunity for brands to develop new and innovative products.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands should consider incorporating AI into their marketing and sales strategies to better understand and cater to consumer preferences.

  • Personalized recommendations and seamless shopping experiences can enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

  • Staying ahead of flavor trends and developing innovative products is crucial for success in the competitive beverage market.

  • Embracing AI technology can help brands gain a competitive edge and drive growth.


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