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Innovation of the Day: In Better Energy's charging park, drivers unwind among wild flowers while their EV refuels

In the Netherlands, energy provider Vattenfall has launched "In Charge," an electric vehicle charging network that aims to make EV charging more convenient, simple, and even enjoyable for drivers. One of their innovative charging stations is the Beetle Charging Park, located in the small village of Akkrum.

This unique charging park allows drivers to relax and unwind in a tranquil environment while their EV refuels. The charging station is set amidst a wildflower meadow, providing a serene backdrop for drivers to enjoy. In addition, the station features a small cafe where drivers can grab a coffee or snack while they wait.

The Beetle Charging Park not only offers a convenient and relaxing experience for drivers, but it also promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness. The wildflowers surrounding the charging station attract bees and other pollinators, contributing to biodiversity and helping to support local ecosystems.

Overall, the Beetle Charging Park demonstrates how innovation in energy charging can create a positive and enjoyable experience for drivers, while also promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.

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