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Innovation of the Day: Kudos uses AI to help shoppers determine the best credit card for every purchase


  • Kudos is an AI-powered wallet: It helps users maximize rewards by automatically determining the best credit card for each purchase.

  • Browser extension and iOS app: Kudos optimizes online shopping and tracks rewards.

  • Extensive database: It supports over 2 million merchants and 3,000+ credit and debit cards.

  • Rapid growth: Launched in 2022, Kudos has garnered 200,000 users and raised $10 million in funding.

Key Takeaway:

Kudos is revolutionizing personal finance by leveraging AI to help consumers make informed decisions and maximize their credit card rewards.


This highlights the growing trend of AI-powered financial tools aimed at simplifying and optimizing personal finance management.


  • Kudos demonstrates the potential of AI in personal finance to enhance decision-making and maximize financial benefits.

  • The rapid user adoption and funding success indicate a strong demand for such innovative solutions.

Implications for Brands:

  • Financial institutions: Should consider integrating AI-powered tools to offer personalized financial advice and optimize rewards programs.

  • Retailers: Can partner with Kudos to provide seamless integration and enhanced rewards for customers.

  • Tech companies: Can explore developing similar AI-driven financial assistants to cater to the growing demand for personalized financial management.

  • Consumers: Can benefit from using tools like Kudos to make informed decisions and maximize their financial gains.


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