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Innovation of the Day: Quite enough Dicks in boardrooms, says e.l.f. Beauty. Time for more women of color

E.l.f. Beauty is taking a stand against the lack of diversity in corporate boardrooms with its "So Many Dicks" campaign. The campaign's provocative name highlights the overrepresentation of men named Richard, Rick, or Dick compared to women of color on corporate boards.

Key Points:

  • Campaign: "So Many Dicks" uses bold digital displays in New York City's Financial District to highlight the lack of diversity in boardrooms.

  • Research: Original research analyzed the racial and gender composition of nearly 37,000 board members across 4,429 US public companies.

  • Statistics: 566 men named Richard, Rick, or Dick serve on boards, compared to only 806 Black women, 774 Asian women, 283 Hispanic women, 29 Middle Eastern women, and 3 Native American women.

  • E.l.f.'s Stance: The company, which has a diverse board itself, is calling on other businesses to prioritize inclusive board membership.

  • Argument: E.l.f. argues that diverse perspectives drive innovation, customer understanding, and profitability.

Trend Bite:

E.l.f. Beauty's campaign is part of a growing trend of companies advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The company's provocative approach aims to spark conversation and encourage action.

Additional Information:

  • The campaign name is a play on words, referencing the common nickname "Dick" for Richard and the slang term for a male body part.

  • E.l.f. has reported 20 consecutive quarters of net sales growth, suggesting that its diverse board has contributed to its success.


  • The campaign could raise awareness about the lack of diversity in boardrooms and pressure companies to take action.

  • It could also inspire other companies to launch similar campaigns and initiatives.

  • The campaign's success will depend on its ability to generate media attention and public discourse.

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