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Innovation of the Day: Scented Fast Food Billboards

McDonald's recently implemented an ingenious marketing tactic by setting up scented billboards that emitted the irresistible aroma of its famous French fries. These billboards, designed with a minimalist and unbranded aesthetic, contained a hidden compartment for storing fries and an internal heat and ventilation system to intensify the scent. Strategically placed within 200 meters of McDonald's locations, these billboards aimed to evoke cravings and drive foot traffic to nearby restaurants.

This campaign reflects several key trends and themes:

1. Scented Billboards in Marketing: By leveraging scent as a sensory marketing tool, McDonald's created an immersive and memorable brand experience that resonated with consumers on a deeper level.

2. Sensory Branding Experiences: Incorporating unique sensory elements such as aroma enhances brand perception and fosters stronger emotional connections with the audience.

3. Location-centric Marketing Tactics: Placing the scented billboards in close proximity to McDonald's locations maximized their impact and effectively drove consumer behavior towards satisfying their cravings.

For the industry, this campaign highlights the potential of innovative scent-driven advertisements to captivate consumer attention, elevate brand engagement, and drive sales growth. It also underscores the importance of leveraging sensory experiences to create memorable interactions and increase foot traffic to physical locations.

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