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Insight of the Day: 1 in 6 Americans clueless about what’s really in their common household products

Navigating the maze of product labels and sustainability claims can be challenging for many Americans. A recent survey reveals that one in six admit to being in the dark about the ingredients in the products they use daily, especially among Gen Z. Let's explore the findings:

1. Sustainability Struggles:

- More than half of respondents believe it's "near impossible" to live guilt-free in their homes when it comes to sustainability (57%).

- Millennials (42%) are particularly committed to living a "very environmentally friendly" lifestyle.

2. Ingredient Awareness:

- 73% of those surveyed consider knowing the ingredients in their products an important part of living sustainably.

- Both Millennials (79%) and baby boomers (65%) are keen on understanding what's in their products and homes.

3. Common Household Items and Fossil Fuels:

- Respondents identified the absolute necessities for home care: trash bags (70%), dish soap (67%), and laundry detergent (65%).

- However, one in four Americans haven't considered the environmental impact of these products.

- Surprisingly, many were unaware that common household items might contain fossil fuels:

- Toothpaste contains poloxamer 407, a petroleum derivative that aids oil-based product dissolution in water (39% unaware).

- Plastic dishes are composed of refined natural gas and oil (35% unaware).

- Laundry detergent contains chemicals created from petroleum (26% unaware).

In summary, understanding product ingredients is crucial for sustainable living. Let's stay informed and make eco-conscious choices!

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