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Insight of the Day: 3 Takeaways From ‘The Power of Meat 2024’ Study

ased on the article, here are three key takeaways from 'The Power of Meat 2024' Study:

1. The World of “And”: Consumers today are looking for more than just low prices when it comes to purchasing meat. They are seeking a combination of factors such as nutrition, convenience, sustainability, and health. Retailers are finding creative ways to meet these demands, such as offering mix-and-match portions, deli prepared meals, and packaging items ready for cooking. Retailers should focus on providing value through a variety of offerings that cater to these diverse consumer needs.

2. Mind the Generation Gap: There is a significant generational gap in meat purchases, with younger consumers showing different preferences compared to Baby Boomers. Gen Z consumers are trending away from traditional protein sources like beef and pork, and have different perceptions of protein. Retailers need to find a balance between catering to Boomers while also preparing for the preferences of Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials. Providing education and highlighting the health benefits of meat can help bridge this gap and appeal to younger consumers.

3. Make Meat a Destination: The study revealed shifts in where consumers are buying meat, with traditional grocery stores losing market share to supercenters and club stores. To remain competitive, grocers should focus on making their meat departments a destination for shoppers. This means optimizing selling tactics, providing value beyond just low prices, and leveraging the strengths of meat as a nutrient-dense protein source. By offering a variety of options that appeal to different consumer needs, retailers can attract and retain customers in their meat departments.

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