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Insight of the Day: 55% of High-Earning Consumers and 79% of Gen Z Use Digital Wallets


  • Digital Wallet Rise:  Use of digital wallets (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Wallet) is increasing, especially with online and in-person shopping.

  • Beyond Payments:  Interest is growing in using digital wallets to store sensitive documents (IDs, tickets, etc.)

  • Age Matters: Gen Z (78%) and Millennials (51%) are most enthusiastic about storing documents in digital wallets, while Boomers/Seniors show less interest.

  • Income Impacts Adoption: High earners (55%) and middle-income consumers (51%) use digital wallets more frequently than low-income earners (41%).


  • Generational Divide:  The convenience and security of digital wallets appeal heavily to younger generations who have grown up with digital technology.

  • Income-Based Adoption:  Digital wallet use correlates with income levels, suggesting a possible need to address accessibility and ease of use for lower-income consumers.

  • Expanded Functionality:  As digital wallets evolve to include document storage, they have the potential to become an even more essential everyday tool.

  • Security & Trust: Building trust around the security of storing sensitive information will be crucial for broader adoption of digital wallets.

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