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Insight of the Day: 58% of US Consumers Sell Used Clothes to Earn Extra Money

The secondhand market has become a popular way for U.S. consumers to earn extra money, with 58% of respondents stating that they have sold clothing items in the last year. This trend is reflective of the broader movement towards recommerce and sustainability, as more people are choosing to buy and sell used goods to reduce waste and save money.

Additionally, 52% of respondents reported purchasing recycled apparel, indicating a growing interest in secondhand shopping among consumers. This trend is particularly prevalent among Generation Z consumers, who are the most likely to be involved in both selling and buying used goods.

In addition to clothing, furniture and home decor items were also popular items sold by 37% of consumers, followed by electronic items and appliances at 36%. Books, music, and hobby items were the only category where buyers outnumbered sellers, with 32% of consumers purchasing these items.

It's interesting to note that while certain items like collectibles, tools, gardening equipment, and baby and children's items were sold by a significant percentage of respondents, no one reported purchasing these items. This suggests that preferences for certain items, such as tools and baby clothes, may lean towards new rather than used items.

Overall, the secondhand market continues to thrive, offering consumers a sustainable and cost-effective way to earn extra money and find unique treasures

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