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Insight of the Day: 60% of US Consumers Open to Cultivated Chicken, Beef, & Pork Despite Taste and Health Doubts, Finds Survey

Key Takeaways from the Survey:

  • Openness to Cultivated Meat: A significant majority (60%) of US consumers are open to trying cultivated chicken, beef, and pork. This indicates a growing acceptance and potential market for these products.

  • Preference for Conventional Meat:  Consumers generally prefer conventional meat over cultivated meat, even for exotic animals. This suggests a need for addressing consumer perceptions and concerns about cultivated meat.

  • Potential for Market Expansion: A substantial proportion of consumers who are unwilling to try conventional meat are open to trying its cultivated counterpart. This presents an opportunity for the cultivated meat industry to expand its consumer base.

  • Taste and Health Concerns: Consumers perceive cultivated meat as less tasty and healthy than conventional meat. This highlights the importance of improving the taste and addressing consumer concerns about the healthfulness of cultivated meat.

  • Animal Source Influence: The animal source of the meat seems to be more influential in consumer perception than whether it's conventional or cultivated. This suggests that focusing on the familiar sources of meat (chicken, beef, pork) could be a successful strategy for cultivated meat producers.


The survey reveals promising potential for the cultivated meat market, with a majority of US consumers open to trying it. However, challenges remain in addressing consumer concerns about taste and health, as well as overcoming the preference for conventional meat. The survey results suggest that focusing on familiar animal sources and improving taste and health perceptions could be key to driving wider adoption of cultivated meat. It also highlights the opportunity to expand the market by targeting consumers who are unwilling to eat conventional meat.

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