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Insight of the Day: Almost half of US consumers find the streaming experience 'frustrating'

The article highlights growing consumer frustration with the streaming experience in the US. While streaming has become the preferred method for consuming movies and TV, several issues are causing dissatisfaction:

Key Points:

  • Subscription Fatigue: 47% of consumers are frustrated with the number of subscriptions required to access desired content. This could worsen as more platforms like Disney+ and Apple TV+ enter the market.

  • Content Disappearance: 57% are frustrated when content unexpectedly leaves platforms due to licensing agreements.

  • Overwhelming Choice: 49% find it difficult to choose what to watch due to the sheer volume of content available.

  • Limited Patience: 49% give up on finding specific content if it doesn't appear within a few minutes.

  • Data Privacy Concerns: 82% of consumers don't trust streaming companies to protect their data.

  • Increased Use of Voice Controllers: There's a 140% increase in the use of voice-operated controllers for accessing streaming services.


  • Subscription Churn: The frustration might lead to consumers canceling subscriptions, creating a challenge for streaming platforms to retain users.

  • Competition: As more platforms launch, the competition for subscribers intensifies, potentially leading to price wars or consolidation.

  • Content Strategy: Platforms need to carefully curate their content libraries to avoid overwhelming users and ensure the availability of popular titles.

  • User Experience: Streamlining the user interface and improving search functionality can help users find content more easily.

  • Data Privacy: Building trust by prioritizing data privacy and security is crucial to addressing consumer concerns.

  • Voice Technology: The growing use of voice controllers indicates a potential area for innovation and improvement in the streaming experience.

Overall, the streaming industry needs to address these pain points to maintain subscriber satisfaction and loyalty in an increasingly crowded market.


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