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Insight of the Day: Are Kiosks the Future of Restaurant Ordering? This Survey Says Yes

Digital sales keep growing for restaurant brands in the quick-service and fast-casual segments, while kiosks look poised for a big comeback, according to a new report from Qu, a Bethesda, Maryland-based POS company.

The fifth annual survey, the Qu 2024 State of Digital Report, found that digital sales accounted for between 26% and 50% of overall sales for nearly one-half of U.S. quick-service and fast-casual brands last year, while more than three quarters of the brands (77%) increased their digital sales in 2023. And 87% of the brands surveyed expect digital sales to grow again in 2024.

The report also noted that more kiosks will be put to work in restaurants this year along with new mobile apps and voice AI on the phone and in the drive-thru. The latter, in fact, topped quick-service and fast-casual brands’ list of new ordering channels planned for 2024.

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