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Insight of the Day: Are today’s consumers loyal to pet food brands?


  • Consumer willingness to switch brands for lower prices is increasing due to economic pressures.

  • Private label products are gaining popularity and market share, offering quality alternatives to national brands.

  • While the majority of US pet owners remain loyal to their preferred pet food brands, a significant portion have considered switching due to price concerns.

  • Brand is a significant factor in pet food purchase decisions, ranking sixth in importance among various factors.

  • Private label pet food sales are growing, albeit from a small base.

Key Takeaway:

Despite a higher degree of brand loyalty in the pet food market compared to other consumer goods, economic pressures are pushing some pet owners to consider switching brands or opting for private label products.


The growing popularity of private label pet food indicates a shift in consumer behavior, with pet owners increasingly seeking value and affordability without compromising quality.


  • Brand loyalty in the pet food market is not absolute and is being tested by economic factors.

  • Price is a significant consideration for pet owners, even those who express loyalty to specific brands.

  • The private label pet food segment presents a growing challenge for established brands.

Implications for Brands:

  • Pet food brands need to strengthen their value proposition by focusing on quality, nutrition, and ingredients while maintaining competitive pricing.

  • They should actively communicate the value of their products to consumers to reinforce brand loyalty.

  • Brands need to monitor and respond to the growing private label trend, potentially by developing their own private label lines or by strengthening their brand differentiation strategies.

  • Offering a wider range of price points and product options can cater to diverse consumer needs and budgets.

By understanding these findings and trends, pet food brands can adapt their strategies to maintain and even grow their market share in an increasingly competitive and price-sensitive environment.


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