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Insight of the Day: As Shrinkflation Becomes More Prevalent, Consumers Grow Less Brand Loyal

Shrinkflation refers to the trend in which companies reduce the size or quantity of a product while keeping the price the same or only slightly reducing it. This can sometimes go unnoticed by consumers, but when they do realize that they are getting less for their money, it can lead to decreased brand loyalty.

A recent study by CivicScience found that as shrinkflation becomes more prevalent, consumers are becoming less brand loyal. This is because consumers feel like they are not getting as much value for their money when companies use this tactic. In some cases, consumers may even feel deceived or taken advantage of by the companies.

The study also found that younger consumers are especially sensitive to shrinkflation and are more likely to switch brands or stop purchasing a product altogether when they notice this practice. This could have long-term implications for companies that rely on brand loyalty to maintain their customer base.

Overall, as shrinkflation continues to be used by companies as a way to maintain profit margins, it is important for consumers to be aware of this practice and make informed decisions about the products they purchase. Being vigilant about the sizes and quantities of products can help consumers avoid feeling cheated and reduce the impact of shrinkflation on brand loyalty.

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