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Insight of the Day: Uncovers Family Travel Trends For Summer 2024

Key Findings:

  • Increase in Family Travel: Searches for family accommodations are up 8% compared to last year, and flight searches have increased by 21%.

  • Motivators: Families are prioritizing quality time (62%), relaxation (58%), and discovering new places (48%).

  • Trending Destinations: Top trending destinations include Durres (Albania), Tangier and Marrakech (Morocco), Destin (Florida, USA), Seville and Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Tokyo (Japan), Gramado (Brazil), Dubrovnik (Croatia), and Madrid (Spain).

  • Accommodation Diversity: offers over 29 million listings worldwide, including 7.4 million homes, apartments, and unique stays.

  • European Kids Travel Most: 42% of flight searches by Europeans include at least one child.

  • Global Family Travel: Egypt, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and Cyprus lead in the percentage of flight searches with children.

  • Travel to Different Continents: UAE, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, and the Netherlands have the highest percentage of families traveling to different continents.

  • Media Influence: 55% of families are inspired by food seen on TV or movies.

  • AI Trip Planning: 48% of families plan to use AI tools like's AI Trip Planner for travel planning.

  • Travel Nannies: 31% of families would consider hiring a travel nanny, with even higher rates in India, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

  • Comfort: 74% of families prioritize air conditioning when booking accommodations.

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