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Insight of the Day: Brits much prefer cups of tea over alcohol, sobering study finds

The article highlights a shift in British beverage preferences, with tea being favored over alcohol by a majority of respondents.

Key findings:

  • Tea over alcohol: 70% of Britons often or regularly choose tea over alcoholic beverages.

  • Generational shift: 81% of those aged 30-44 prefer tea, and Gen Z is twice as likely to choose energy drinks over alcohol.

  • Gender difference: Women are bigger tea lovers than men, with 32% of women citing tea as their go-to drink compared to 23% of men.

  • Brewing habits: Despite the popularity of tea, few people brew it for the optimal time of 3-4 minutes.

  • Reasons for preference: The preference for tea over alcohol, especially among younger generations, is attributed to concerns about financial, health, and emotional impacts of alcohol.

Additional points:

  • The study was conducted by the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA).

  • The findings align with research from consumer analysts Mintel, which also found a trend of younger people moving away from alcohol.

Overall, the article suggests a cultural shift in the UK towards healthier and less expensive beverage choices, with tea emerging as the preferred drink for many.


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