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Insight of the Day: Budget-conscious Kiwis hopping on 'destination dupes' travel trend

Destination Dupes Trend in New Zealand:


  • Kiwis are embracing the "destination dupes" trend, opting for alternative travel spots that offer similar experiences to popular tourist destinations but at a more affordable cost.

  • This trend is gaining traction among Generation Z and Millennials, with travelers adjusting their plans to explore local destinations and exclusive deals.

Key Points:

  • Definition: Dupe destinations provide comparable experiences to well-known tourist spots but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Social Media Impact: Influencers on platforms like TikTok are sharing dupe destinations to help travelers find affordable and crowd-free alternatives.

  • Realism: Travelers should be realistic about their expectations when visiting dupe destinations, as they offer unique attractions and experiences.

Top "Destination Dupe" Picks by Heidi Walker:

  1. Instead of Hawaii - Gold Coast:

  • Similarities: Sandy beaches, world-class surfing spots, lively entertainment precincts.

  • Advantages: Cost-effective accommodation, favorable exchange rate, no tipping requirement.

  1. Instead of Bora Bora - Fiji:

  • Similarities: Overwater bungalows, tropical scenery.

  • Advantages: Affordable prices, world-class snorkeling, cultural experiences, vibrant culture.

By opting for these "dupe destinations," Kiwi travelers can enjoy unforgettable experiences, relax without financial stress, and explore hidden gems that offer a unique charm and appeal.


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