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Insight of the Day: Camping in luxury: Why the 'glamping' trend is on the rise

Glamping: The Upscale Camping Trend on the Rise

Glamping, a blend of "glamorous" and "camping," is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional camping. This trend caters to those who enjoy nature but prefer the comforts and amenities of a hotel or resort.

What is Glamping?

Glamping offers upscale camping experiences with unique accommodations like restored Airstreams, Mongolian yurts, and Conestoga wagons. These can be found in various settings, including campgrounds, private homesteads, and ranches. The goal is to provide a comfortable and luxurious camping experience while maintaining a connection with nature.

Why is Glamping Popular?

  • Comfort and Amenities: Glamping offers comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and often includes amenities like electricity, heating, and air conditioning.

  • Unique Experiences: Guests can enjoy activities like skiing, horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, outdoor dining, live performances, and wellness programs.

  • Digital Detox: Many glampsites encourage guests to unplug and disconnect from technology, providing a chance to relax and rejuvenate in nature.

  • Proximity to Cities: Glampsites are often located near urban areas, making them easily accessible for weekend getaways.

Eastwind Hotels: A Glamping Case Study

Eastwind Hotels in the Catskills, New York, is an example of a successful glampsite. It offers Scandinavian-styled Lushna cabins and A-line cabins with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy various activities and programs, and the property features a full-service restaurant and bar.

The Future of Glamping

The demand for glamping is expected to continue growing as more people seek unique and luxurious outdoor experiences. Glampsites are likely to expand their offerings and explore new locations to meet this growing demand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Glamping is a growing trend that combines the love for nature with the comforts of modern living.

  • It offers a unique and luxurious camping experience with a variety of accommodations and activities.

  • Glampsites are often located near cities, making them accessible for weekend getaways.

  • The future of glamping looks bright as more people seek alternative ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Overall, glamping provides a unique way to experience nature without sacrificing comfort or convenience. It's a trend that is likely to continue gaining popularity in the coming years.

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