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Insight of the Day: Canadians are dining out less than last year but still crave human interaction: study

Trends in Canadian Dining Habits

  • Dining Out Less, Takeout Up:  Frequency of dining out has decreased slightly, while takeout orders are on the rise (31% of Canadians order takeout at least weekly).

  • Cost and Time Sensitivity:  Rising prices and limited time are causing more people to choose takeout or cook at home. Price increases significantly impact restaurant choices.

  • Delivery Discontent: Many Canadians prefer picking up orders to avoid hefty delivery fees.

  • Human Interaction Still Valued: Despite the convenience of technology, Canadians still enjoy aspects of traditional dining experiences like:

  • Physical menus

  • Server interaction

  • Supporting local restaurants

Implications for Restaurants

  • Value is Key: Price sensitivity is high. Focus on competitive pricing, value meals, and promotions.

  • Streamline the Experience:  Long wait times for tables and delivery are deterrents. Consider technology to improve efficiency.

  • Personalization Matters: Even with tech,  human interaction with servers remains important for many customers.

  • Promote Local Angle: Emphasize community connection and support for local businesses, as this resonates with diners.

Additional Considerations

  • Delivery Alternatives: Exploring pick-up discounts or partnerships with lower-cost delivery services could address fee concerns.

  • Tech-Savvy, but Not Tech-Only:  Balance digital tools for convenience with the personal touch diners still value.

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