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Insight of the Day: Canadians are eating risky foods to cope with high food prices, study suggests

The article you provided discusses a study on how Canadians are coping with rising food prices. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Canadians are taking more risks with food: Due to high food costs, many Canadians are eating food that's close to or past its best-before date, and nearly half do so while unsure of its safety.

  • Best-before vs. expiry dates: Best-before dates indicate quality, not safety. Food can often be eaten after this date. Expiry dates are for a limited number of items and indicate spoilage.

  • Food safety concerns: The study suggests this behavior may lead to an increase in foodborne illnesses.

  • Learning about food safety: The authors recommend Canadians learn how to identify spoiled food, use proper storage techniques, and clean utensils to minimize risks.

  • Adapting food habits: Nearly half of Canadians surveyed have changed how they store or prepare food to extend shelf life, like freezing bread or using vacuum sealers.

Overall, the study highlights a trade-off between food affordability and food safety due to inflation. The authors recommend Canadians educate themselves on safe food handling practices while looking for ways to save money on groceries.

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