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Insight of the Day: Chipotle responds to viral “hack” of customers filming to get bigger portions

Chipotle is responding to a viral trend where customers film their orders to get larger portions. The company denies any changes in portion sizes but admits to reinforcing proper portioning with employees.

Key points:

  • The "hack": Customers film their Chipotle orders to ensure they receive larger portions, as there are rumors the chain skimps on portion sizes.

  • Chipotle's response: The company denies changing portion sizes but has reinforced proper portioning with employees.

  • Origin of the trend: TikToker Keith Lee posted a negative review of Chipotle's portion sizes, which went viral.

  • Community reaction: Fans started review-bombing Chipotle and filming their orders in response.

Additional details:

  • A website called tracks Chipotle restaurants with allegedly small portions.

  • Chipotle claims their meals have always been customizable, allowing customers to request more or less of any ingredient.

Possible outcomes:

  • Increased scrutiny of Chipotle's portion sizes.

  • More customers filming their orders.

  • Chipotle may adjust its portioning practices to avoid negative publicity.

It remains to be seen how this trend will affect Chipotle in the long run. However, it highlights the power of social media to influence consumer behavior and hold businesses accountable.


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