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Insight of the Day: Dairy battles for attention as interest in gut-health grows

The rise of gut-health products has become a significant trend in the food industry, with consumers increasingly interested in products that promote digestive wellness. While dairy products have traditionally been associated with gut health, the expansion of gut-health offerings into other categories, including ambient meals, suggests that consumer interest in gut health is not limited to dairy alone.

Biotiful Gut Health, a manufacturer of fermented, probiotic kefir drinks and live culture yogurts, sees potential for dairy to capitalize on the growing interest in gut health. Vince Lawson, the company's chief marketing officer, believes that dairy, with its high penetration rate of 90%, is well-positioned for growth in the gut-health space. He suggests that consumers may find it relatively easy to incorporate gut-health benefits into their dairy consumption habits.

However, Biotiful Gut Health's recent expansion into ambient meals with Meal Boosters indicates that the demand for gut-health products extends beyond the chilled dairy aisle. This broader interest in gut health is reflected in the opinions of industry experts like Siobhan Gehin from Roland Berger, who predicts that the growth of ambient gut-health products may outpace that of dairy-based options.

Overall, the emergence of gut-health as a prominent consumer trend underscores the importance for food companies to innovate and diversify their product offerings to meet evolving consumer preferences and wellness needs.

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