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Insight of the Day: European Gen Z Say These are the Top 10 Brands That Just Get Them

The research from YPulse's Decoding Brand Affinity Report highlights several brands that young Europeans feel truly understand them. Here's why these brands resonate with this demographic:

1. PayPal: Despite the fragmented nature of FinTech brands across Western Europe, PayPal stands out due to its wide availability and convenience. Young Europeans appreciate PayPal for its ability to seamlessly handle peer-to-peer payments and online retail transactions, meeting their needs and fitting into their lifestyle effortlessly.

2. Duolingo: Known for its viral content and humorous approach, Duolingo has captured the attention of young Europeans, particularly on social media platforms like TikTok. Beyond its engaging content, Duolingo's language learning service offers a fun and accessible way for young people to learn new languages, aligning with their desire for easy-to-use edtech tools.

3. Netflix: As the top choice for video content among young Europeans, Netflix excels in catering to diverse viewing interests and representing the diversity of its audience. With a wide range of original content spanning different genres and cultures, Netflix provides inclusive and relatable programming, resonating with the diverse backgrounds and preferences of young Europeans.

Overall, these brands succeed in "getting" young Europeans by offering products and services that meet their needs, align with their lifestyles, and reflect their values of convenience, diversity, and inclusivity.

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