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Insight of the Day: Feasting on Fast Food - How Germans are Ditching Traditional Restaurants

The fast-food culture in Germany is experiencing a significant increase in popularity, with more Germans opting for fast-food chains, Asian snack bars, and doner kebab stalls over traditional restaurants. A study conducted by Hase & Igel, a company specializing in AI-based data analysis, found that the demand for fast-food options has increased by 19 percent compared to the previous year.

Interestingly, despite the growing preference for fast food, there has been a decline in interest in delivery services, with search queries for services like Lieferando dropping by around 18 percent. This trend may be attributed to the recent increase in sales tax in the gastronomy industry, which has led nearly half of Germans to eat out less frequently.

Regional differences in eating habits have also been noted, with people in East Germany eating out less often than those in the West. Overall, the shift towards fast food and away from traditional dining options could have ramifications for the gastronomy industry in Germany.

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