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Insight of the Day: 'FOMO' trips: Hybrid, remote work encouraging more business travel

Key Trends:

  • FOMO/YOLO Travel: Remote and hybrid work arrangements are fueling increased travel due to desires for connection and fulfilling experiences after pandemic restrictions.

  • Bleisure Boom: Lines between business and personal travel are blurring, with employees extending work trips for leisure or mixing the two.

  • Positive Impact on Travel Industry: This upsurge in travel is revitalizing a sector that struggled during the pandemic.

  • Optimistic Outlook:  Travelers predict business travel may soon surpass pre-pandemic levels.

Additional Insights:

  • Rise of the "Workcation": Flexible work styles allow for working remotely even while on extended vacations.

  • Evolving Expectations:  Travelers expect more flexibility and the ability to seamlessly blend work with personal experiences.

  • Environmental Considerations: While there's increasing demand for travel, some are mindful of its environmental impact and seek alternatives like train travel or combined trips to offset emissions.


  • Travel Industry Adapts: Hotels, airlines, and tourism companies can benefit by catering to the needs of "bleisure travelers" and offering packages that balance work and leisure.

  • Company Policies: Businesses may need to update travel policies to accommodate this shift, potentially including options for extended stays or combining work with personal exploration.

  • Balancing Sustainability: The travel industry may need to focus on sustainable practices to appeal to environmentally conscious business travelers.

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