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Insight of the Day: Food inflation driving risky behaviour as Britons making worrying changes to habits

Food inflation has become a pressing concern, impacting how we approach our meals. As prices soar, Britons are adapting their habits, sometimes in risky ways. Let's delve into the details:

1. Eating Past Expiry Dates: Despite a decrease from its peak, food inflation still persists at 5% annually. Consequently, many individuals are consuming food beyond its use-by date, a behavior that carries risks¹.

2. Leftovers and Frugality: Approximately 80% of people have altered their eating habits. Among them, 49% are dining out less frequently. The cost of living crisis has led to significant price hikes across various aspects of life, including food, energy bills, and rent¹.

3. Inflation Impact: Grocery price inflation currently stands at 4.5%. Shoppers are spending more per trip, with an average of £20.10 during the four weeks to March 23, compared to £19.50 for the same period last year¹.

4. Riskier Choices: 21% of respondents admit to consuming leftovers that have been kept for longer or items past their use-by date¹.

The concern about high food prices remains widespread, with almost nine out of ten people expressing worry about food affordability. Chief Executive Emily Miles emphasizes the urgency of this issue, as it reaches the highest level since their survey began

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