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Insight of the Day: Fragrance prevails as key purchase driver for hair care as consumers prioritise sensorial experience and well-being

Fragrance continues to be a key purchase driver for hair care products, with consumers prioritizing sensorial experiences and well-being when selecting their hair care items. A recent report by Mintel highlights that consumers are seeking out hair care products that not only provide functional benefits, such as nourishment and hydration, but also offer an enjoyable sensory experience through scent.

The report found that 68% of hair care consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are interested in products that offer a pleasant fragrance, showcasing the importance of scent in the purchasing decision. This trend is driven by consumers' desire for products that not only deliver results but also enhance their overall well-being and mood.

In response to this trend, brands are increasingly focusing on developing hair care products with appealing fragrances that can create a multisensory experience for consumers. This includes incorporating natural essential oils, botanical extracts, and innovative scent technologies to create unique and captivating fragrances that resonate with consumers.

Overall, the report highlights the growing importance of fragrance in the hair care market, as consumers seek out products that not only deliver on performance but also provide an enjoyable and uplifting experience through scent. Brands that can successfully cater to these consumer preferences are poised to thrive in the competitive hair care landscape.

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