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Insight of the Day: Future of plant-based foods: Whole-cut meats will lead ‘next resurgence of consumers’

  • Plant-Based Food Trends:

  • The meat and dairy alternative markets are evolving as consumers show interest in premium plant-based products, including whole cuts.

  • Consumers are increasingly seeking high-quality plant-based options, driving the demand for products like whole-cut meats.

  • Consumer Behavior:

  • Some consumers opt for premium plant-based products, such as whole cuts, indicating a shift towards more sophisticated plant-based offerings.

  • On the other hand, some consumers prefer making their own plant-based dishes to save money, showcasing a varied approach to plant-based eating.

  • Expert Insights:

  • Miri Eliyahu, a senior research analyst at Euromonitor, highlights the bifurcation in the plant-based food market, where consumers are divided in their preferences for premium products and cost-saving homemade options.

  • Market Dynamics:

  • The emergence of whole-cut meats in the plant-based category suggests a new wave of innovation and consumer interest in plant-based alternatives that closely mimic traditional meat products.

This trend indicates a shift towards more diverse and sophisticated plant-based food offerings, catering to varying consumer preferences and driving innovation in the plant-based food industry.

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