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Insight of the Day: Gen Alpha is so online that 95% of their parents learn about brands from them, survey says

  1. Influence on Purchasing Decisions: 95% of Gen Alpha parents learn about new products or brands from their children. In fact, 49% of these parents’ purchasing decisions were influenced by their child’s opinion. It seems that Gen Alpha has a significant say in household choices!

  2. Spending Power: Gen Alpha children are resourceful when it comes to making money. About 90% of them find ways to earn money through chores, allowances, and online selling or reselling. With spending power of their own, they also have preferred outlets and products to shop.

  3. Favorite Retailers: The survey revealed that 91% of parents said their children loved to shop, and 92% said they were great at finding “interesting new products.” The top 10 favorite retailers for Gen Alpha kids included Walmart, Amazon, Target, Nike, GameStop, Five Below, Shein, Costco, Dollar Tree, and Sephora.

It’s fascinating to see how this young generation is shaping consumer behavior and influencing brand choices!

If you’d like to explore more about Gen Alpha and their online habits, you might find this report interesting: Understanding Gen Alpha | Download Our 2024 Report. They’re already forming habits online, and their preferences will set new norms for engagement across various industries.

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