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Insight of the Day: Gen X, Boomers make sustainable choices

### Sustainable Choices Survey Insights from Gen X and Boomers:

- Environmental Concerns:

- Majority of Gen Xers (78%) and Boomers (81%) are worried about the future of the planet.

- Optimistic about addressing climate change and environmental damage in the future (81% Gen X, 75% Boomers).

- Lifestyle Changes:

- 39% of Gen Xers and 41% of Boomers have actively implemented lifestyle changes to reduce their environmental footprint.

- Economic challenges have not deterred Gen Xers (36%) and Boomers (42%) from making sustainable choices.

- Willingness to Pay for Sustainability:

- 40% of Gen X and 38% of Boomers would pay more for sustainably sourced and packaged products.

- Sustainability is very important to 33% of Gen Xers and 44% of Boomers in their daily lives.

- Product Preferences:

- 39% of Gen Xers and 40% of Boomers actively seek out eco-friendly products.

- Boomers learn about eco-friendly products through traditional TV ads (45%), while Gen Xers rely more on social media (42%).

- Prioritizing Sustainability:

- 48% of Boomers prioritize sustainability over convenience in purchasing decisions.

- Concerns about plastic waste and home energy consumption are shared among both generations.

- Accountability for Environmental Protection:

- 39% of Gen Xers and 42% of Boomers believe businesses should be accountable for environmental protection.

- 40% of Gen Xers and 41% of Boomers believe individuals should also be accountable for environmental protection.

These insights highlight the growing importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness among older generations, emphasizing the need for businesses to prioritize eco-friendly products and practices to align with consumer values and drive positive change.


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