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Insight of the Day: Grown-up films 'out of fashion' in Hollywood, says Linklater


Richard Linklater, the director of "Hit Man," believes that adult stories, particularly those with a focus on passion and sexuality, are "out of fashion" in Hollywood. He contrasts this with his own experiences as a teenager, when he was drawn to the "adult world" depicted in films. Linklater suggests that Hollywood has shifted towards catering to a younger audience, neglecting complex adult themes.

Key Takeaway:

Hollywood is currently prioritizing films that appeal to a younger audience and avoiding complex adult themes, according to Richard Linklater. This trend has made it challenging for filmmakers like Linklater to get studios interested in projects like "Hit Man," which explore adult relationships and sexuality.


There seems to be a growing trend in Hollywood to focus on sequels, origin stories, and commercially safe choices, often driven by marketing departments. This trend is leaving less room for original stories and adult themes in mainstream cinema.


Linklater's observations suggest that Hollywood's current focus on youth-oriented content and commercially safe choices may be neglecting a significant audience that is interested in adult stories and complex themes. This could be a missed opportunity for studios to connect with a wider range of viewers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Opportunity for niche streaming services: Streaming platforms like Netflix, which released "Hit Man," could tap into the underserved market for adult-oriented films and gain a competitive edge.

  • Re-evaluate target audience: Studios may need to reconsider their target audience and explore the potential for films that appeal to mature viewers and explore adult themes.

  • Risk-taking in storytelling: Filmmakers and studios should be encouraged to take more risks in storytelling and explore a wider range of themes, including those that are relevant to adult audiences.

  • Marketing and promotion: If studios choose to produce more adult-oriented films, they will need to develop marketing and promotion strategies that effectively reach and engage mature audiences.


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