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Insight of the Day: Here’s how much more chocolate lovers in NYC are paying for the treat than the rest of the country

Chocolate Lovers in NYC Pay a Premium for Their Sweet Fix

Key Findings:

  • NYC Chocoholics Pay More: Chocolate lovers in New York City are shelling out 20.66% more for their favorite treats compared to the national average.

  • Hawaii is Most Expensive State: Hawaii takes the lead as the priciest state for chocolate, with prices 12.90% above the national average of $0.75 per ounce.

  • New York State Follows Closely: New York State comes in second, with chocolate prices 10.70% higher than the national average.

  • Northeast Offers Relief: Chocolate is most affordable in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine, where it's 3.64% cheaper than the national average.

  • Specific Products See Higher Premiums: Hershey's milk chocolate and Hershey's Kisses are notably more expensive in New York City and surrounding areas.


CouponBirds analyzed the average price of popular chocolate items at Target stores nationwide using Instacart data. They compared prices per ounce in each city to the national average to determine regional variations.


This report highlights the significant price differences chocolate lovers face depending on their location. While the reasons for these disparities aren't explicitly stated, factors like transportation costs, local taxes, and demand could contribute.

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