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Insight of the Day: How McDonald’s plans to win back lower-income consumers

In an effort to win back lower-income consumers, McDonald's is implementing several strategies, including introducing more affordable options on its menu and offering more value deals. The fast-food giant has also launched a new marketing campaign that focuses on the affordability and value of its menu.

McDonald's has already introduced several new items to its menu, including the Chicken McGriddle breakfast sandwich and the McChicken Biscuit breakfast sandwich, both priced at under $2. The company has also expanded its $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu to include more options for budget-conscious consumers.

Additionally, McDonald's is planning to roll out a new loyalty program that will reward customers for their loyalty with discounts and special offers. The company is also investing in technology to improve its drive-thru experience and make it more efficient for customers.

Overall, McDonald's is focusing on providing value and affordability to attract lower-income consumers back to its restaurants. With these new strategies in place, the fast-food giant is hopeful that it will be able to win back these consumers and drive growth in the coming years.

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