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Insight of the Day: How the TV Landscape Is About to Change, According to 5 Industry Executives

How the TV Landscape Is About to Change, According to 5 Industry Executives:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Shift to Digital Video:  Ad spend on digital video is projected to surpass linear TV for the first time, marking a significant turning point in the industry.

  2. Combatting Fragmentation: Companies like Google, Roku, and Samsung are focusing on addressing the fragmentation of the digital video landscape, offering solutions for both advertisers and consumers to streamline the streaming experience.

  3. Value of Scarcity: Sports content, with its limited inventory, remains a valuable asset in the digital video market, driving interest from advertisers and agencies.

  4. Incorporating AI: Meta is leveraging AI to enhance content recommendation tools, ad creative, and campaign operations, showcasing the potential of generative AI in the industry.

Key Quotes:

  • Kristina Shepard (Roku): "The lack of standardization across CTV prevents easy execution and measurement. This year, everyone is focused on interoperability."

  • Michael Scott (Samsung Ads): "The percentage of our revenue share that has moved into programmatic is staggering. Outside of sports, whose scarcity forces an upfront commitment, there is a growing desire from marketers for 'just in time' media."

  • Gina Waldhorn (Sports Innovation Lab): "Sports are going to play a massive role in moving audiences from linear to CTV. We’ve reached a tipping point, which was evidenced by the number of new brands and agencies that showed up this year to explore investment."

  • Alvin Bowles (Meta): "At our Newfront, we talked about AI being the driving force for innovation and how to embrace that. It allows us to take mundane tasks off the plate of people doing hard work."

Implications for Marketers:

  • Embrace Digital Video:  As digital video ad spending surpasses linear TV, marketers need to adapt their strategies to focus on this growing channel.

  • Leverage Platform Solutions: Platforms like Google, Roku, and Samsung are developing solutions to address fragmentation, and marketers should leverage these tools to reach their target audience effectively.

  • Consider Sports Inventory: The scarcity of sports content makes it a valuable asset for advertisers seeking to reach engaged audiences.

  • Explore AI Applications: Generative AI is becoming increasingly important in the digital advertising landscape, and marketers should explore how it can enhance their campaigns and improve efficiency.

Overall, the TV landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with digital video taking center stage. Marketers need to adapt to these changes, embrace new technologies, and leverage platform solutions to succeed in this evolving environment.

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