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Insight of the Day: In this economy, the sign of financial success isn’t being a millionaire but living comfortably, many Americans say

Key Findings:

  • Comfort Over Excess: Most Americans prioritize living comfortably, being financially prepared, and being debt-free over becoming millionaires or owning a business.

  • Generational Differences: Gen Z values homeownership, while Gen X is more interested in early retirement. Millennials and Gen Z are more inclined to own businesses.

  • Pessimism Looms: Despite having a vision for success, many Americans, especially older generations and lower-income individuals, feel they may never achieve it.

  • Steps to Success: Making more money, growing savings, paying down debt, and investing are the most common paths identified to achieve financial success.

  • Tools for Success: Strategies like balance transfer cards and consistent savings can help individuals reach their goals.

Why It Matters:

The shift in perception reflects a focus on stability and financial security in uncertain economic times. The traditional "American Dream" of wealth accumulation may be evolving into a desire for a more attainable and sustainable lifestyle. This change has implications for financial planning, career choices, and consumer behavior.


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