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Insight of the Day: Indie Brands Are Making This Fashion’s Biggest Olympics Ever

Indie Brands and the 2024 Olympic Games:

·         Key Takeaway: The 2024 Olympic Games are seeing a rise in collaborations between national teams and independent fashion brands for their athletes' uniforms and formalwear. This presents a unique opportunity for these smaller labels to gain global recognition and leverage the exposure of one of the world's largest sporting events.

·         Examples:

·         Team France: Hired French designer Stéphane Ashpool as artistic director for their apparel, creating competition wear and formal attire for the closing ceremony.

·         Canada, Nigeria, and Ireland: Also partnered with niche fashion brands for their team uniforms and formalwear.

·         LVMH Influence: LVMH's landmark deal with the Olympics has drawn increased attention to athletes' attire, particularly for non-sporting events like the opening ceremony, likely contributing to the trend of fashion collaborations.

·         Additional Insight: Saint Laurent, under CEO Francesca Bellettini and designer Anthony Vaccarello, has experienced significant growth, doubling sales in five years and potentially exceeding $3 billion in revenue in 2022. This demonstrates the power of strong leadership and design in the luxury fashion industry.

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