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Insight of the Day: Keeping Up with Diners’ Expectations Amid Rising Prices

Amid rising prices, restaurants need to adapt to changing consumer preferences to stay competitive. The NCR Voyix 2024 Digital Commerce Index reveals key trends:

Loyalty Programs and Mobile Apps:

  • Consumers still value loyalty programs and seek deals.

  • Mobile apps are the preferred way to connect with restaurants.

  • Diners want apps to display loyalty points, enable delivery orders, and track orders in real-time.

Ordering Preferences:

  • Consumers prefer to order directly from restaurants due to concerns about third-party fees and trust in order accuracy.

  • Self-service kiosks and QR codes are becoming popular, offering convenience and customization for dine-in experiences.

Future of Restaurants:

  • Consumers are interested in futuristic tech like personalized digital menus, full-meal vending machines, and robot delivery services.

  • Starbucks and CKE Restaurants are already exploring AI and machine learning to enhance customer experiences.

Recommendations for Restaurants:

  • Focus on building and improving loyalty programs.

  • Invest in user-friendly mobile apps with features that customers want.

  • Offer direct ordering options and highlight their benefits over third-party services.

  • Consider implementing self-service kiosks and QR codes for dine-in orders.

  • Explore incorporating emerging technologies to personalize and enhance the dining experience.

By adapting to these trends and prioritizing convenience and loyalty, restaurants can better meet customer expectations and thrive in a changing market.

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