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Insight of the Day: Leisure Travel Soar: 61% Of Americans Eye Overnight Trips, 34% Planning More Summer Trips: Report

Key Takeaways from the AHLA Survey on Leisure Travel:

  • Surge in Leisure Travel: 61% of Americans are planning overnight leisure trips in the next four months, with 34% expecting to increase their travel compared to last summer.

  • Hotels Remain Preferred: Hotels continue to be the top choice for both business and leisure travelers.

  • Inflation Impact: Inflation remains a concern, with a majority of respondents expecting it to affect their travel decisions, particularly in terms of hotel stays and transportation.

  • Popular Travel Reasons: Family trips and romantic getaways are among the most common reasons for overnight travel.

  • Tech Amenities: High-speed Wi-Fi is a top priority for travelers when choosing hotels.

  • Industry Outlook: Business travel spending is projected to grow, while domestic leisure travel is expected to maintain steady growth.

Overall: The survey reveals a positive outlook for the travel industry, particularly for the hotel sector, with a significant increase in leisure travel planned. However, inflation remains a challenge for the industry's growth.

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