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Insight of the Day: Less than 14% of luxury shoppers using online channels, new report finds

Less than 14% of luxury shoppers are using online channels, according to a new report. This finding highlights the challenges that luxury brands face in reaching and engaging with digitally savvy consumers.

The report, conducted by luxury retail consultancy Luxury Institute, surveyed over 1,000 luxury shoppers in the US and found that only 13.6% are using online channels to make purchases or research luxury products. This low adoption rate is surprising given the widespread growth of e-commerce and the increasing focus on digital marketing by luxury brands.

The report also found that the majority of luxury shoppers prefer to make their purchases in-store, with 72% citing the ability to touch and feel products as an important factor in their decision-making process. This trend highlights the importance of creating a seamless omni-channel experience for luxury shoppers, where they can seamlessly move between online and offline channels.

Overall, the report suggests that luxury brands need to invest more in their online channels in order to stay competitive and reach a wider audience of digitally savvy consumers. By creating a compelling online experience and integrating digital touchpoints into their overall marketing strategy, luxury brands can better engage with today's luxury shoppers and drive sales both online and in-store.

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