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Insight of the Day: Millennials and Gen Z return to their roots with homesteading

The article discusses the growing trend of younger generations, specifically Millennials and Gen Z, turning towards homesteading as a way to live more sustainably, self-sufficiently, and aligned with their values. These individuals are seeking to address issues such as climate change, food supply concerns, and a desire for a simpler lifestyle.

Key points highlighted in the article include:

1. The increasing interest in homesteading among Millennials and Gen Z, with a significant number of respondents in a survey falling into these age groups.

2. The motivations behind modern homesteading, such as wanting control over food supply, concerns for health and the environment, and a desire for self-reliance.

3. The use of technology, particularly online resources and social media platforms, to learn traditional homesteading skills and connect with like-minded individuals.

4. The concept of urban homesteading, where individuals practice homesteading activities in urban or smaller living spaces.

5. The focus on food security and providing healthier food for families as major drivers for homesteading.

6. Environmental concerns and sustainability playing a key role in the decision to pursue homesteading activities.

7. The use of online platforms and communities to connect with other homesteaders and share knowledge and experiences.

Overall, the article showcases how Millennials and Gen Z are embracing homesteading as a way to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, utilizing technology and online platforms to learn, connect, and build a community around their shared interests.

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