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Insight of the Day: Nescafé introduces iced coffee concentrate

Product Overview

  • Nescafé Espresso Concentrate is a liquid coffee base designed specifically for making iced coffee drinks at home.

  • Available in two flavors: Sweet Vanilla and Espresso Black.

  • Promises a rich, bold coffee taste suitable for various iced coffee variations.

  • Emphasizes convenience and customization without needing extra equipment.

Market Context

  • Cold coffee consumption is a growing trend, especially among younger consumers.

  • This launch positions Nescafé to capture this market segment with an in-home solution.

Nestlé's Strategy

  • Leverages Nestlé's coffee expertise to tap into a new format for cold coffee consumption.

  • Focuses on quality, taste, convenience, and personalization to appeal to consumers.

Launch Details

  • The initial launch is in Australia (bottle format) and China (single-serve pods).

Key Quotes

  • Philipp Navratil (Nestlé): "Young coffee consumers start drinking their coffee cold. With the Nescafé Espresso Concentrate, we want to capture the growing out-of-home cold coffee trend and bring it in-home..."

  • Damien Tissot (Nestlé): "...we build on our expertise to create tasty and convenient coffee-at-home experiences for cold consumption."


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