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Insight of the Day: Nestlé's plan to expand its cold coffee footprint: ‘We like it with lemonade, tonic or orange juice’

Nestlé's plan to expand its cold coffee footprint includes exploring various beverage combinations beyond the traditional mixers like water and milk. Here are some key points from the article:

  • Nestlé is capitalizing on the increasing popularity of cold coffee by experimenting with different pairings beyond the conventional water and milk.

  • The company is exploring creative combinations such as cold coffee mixed with lemonade, tonic water, or orange juice to provide consumers with unique and refreshing beverage options.

  • By diversifying its cold coffee offerings and incorporating innovative flavor profiles, Nestlé aims to cater to evolving consumer preferences and tap into the growing demand for unconventional and exciting beverage choices.

  • This strategic approach allows Nestlé to stay competitive in the cold coffee market by offering consumers a wider range of options that go beyond traditional coffee-milk combinations.

  • Nestlé's focus on expanding its cold coffee offerings demonstrates its commitment to innovation and meeting the changing tastes and preferences of consumers in the beverage industry.

Overall, Nestlé's initiative to explore new combinations for cold coffee showcases its willingness to adapt to consumer trends and provide innovative and appealing products to meet the evolving demands of the market.


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