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Insight of the Day: New Study Says People Love Chocolate More Than Social Media

Study on Snacking Preferences:

Mondelez International, in partnership with The Harris Poll, conducted a global consumer trends study called the 2023 State of Snacking.

The study surveyed over 3,600 adults across 12 countries and found that snacking has become an integral part of people's lives.

Six out of ten respondents stated a preference for eating many small meals throughout the day rather than a few large ones.

One of the most significant findings was the preference for chocolate, with 57% of global respondents agreeing they would give up social media for a month rather than chocolate. In North America, this percentage was even higher at 65%.

The study suggests that chocolate provides a sensory experience akin to a "mini vacation" and can create bonds with others.

Despite the love for chocolate, social media still influences snacking habits, with 52% of respondents expressing interest in an "instant buy" button for snacks discovered on social media platforms.

However, respondents also emphasized moderation in snacking, with seven out of ten preferring smaller portions of indulgent snacks over larger portions of healthier alternatives.

Discontinued Chocolate Candies and Kit Kat Flavors:

The article lists 11 discontinued chocolate candies that people miss, including Seven Up, Nestle Magic Ball, Swoops, Wonka Bar, Thingamajig, Nestle's Triple Decker Bar, Reese's Peanut Butter Bites, Twix Java, Whiz Bar, Bar None (with caramel), and Snik Snak.

Each entry provides background information on the candy, why it was discontinued, and any potential alternatives or replacements that have emerged.

Additionally, the article includes a ranking of 10 Kit Kat flavors, from least favorite to favorite, based on taste, texture, and overall impression.

Flavors reviewed include Kit Kat Raspberry Crème, Birthday Cake, Churro, Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate, Witch's Brew, White, Dark, Lemon Crisp, and the original Kit Kat flavor.

Overall, the article covers a range of topics related to snacking preferences, chocolate consumption, and nostalgia for discontinued candies and Kit Kat flavors.

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