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Insight of the Day: People are getting tired of buying new devices

The article discusses consumer trends showing a decline in interest in purchasing new devices, as highlighted by a survey conducted by Accenture. Here are the key points from the text:

- Consumer Interest Decline: According to the survey of 28,000 consumers, there is a notable decline in interest in purchasing new technology products. Only 48% of respondents plan to buy a new smartphone this year, which is down 9 percentage points from the previous year. This trend is also observed in other products like laptops, TVs, and tablets.

- New Types of Gadgets: The survey indicates that new types of gadgets such as wearable devices, smartwatches, and personal drones are also not experiencing significant growth in consumer interest. Only 13% of respondents plan to buy a smartwatch this year, and there is minimal increase in interest for wearables, connected devices, or personal drones.

- Industry Outlook: Despite the current slowdown in consumer interest, Accenture suggests that growth in new categories will eventually occur. The industry needs to focus on addressing consumers' fundamental needs to drive the next phase of growth. Companies are encouraged to innovate and meet evolving consumer demands to spur growth in the market.

Overall, the article highlights a shift in consumer behavior towards purchasing new devices, indicating a decline in interest in traditional technology products and a slower adoption rate of new gadget categories. Industry players are urged to innovate and cater to consumer needs to drive future growth in the market.

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