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Insight of the Day: Restaurant report shows tech expansion in foodservice

The National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Technology Landscape Report 2024 highlights the accelerating use of technology in restaurants, emphasizing its role in enhancing customer experiences and providing a competitive edge for operators. Here are the key points from the report:

1. Increasing Investments in Technology: A significant number of restaurant operators (55%) are planning investments to improve their service areas, while 60% are seeking technology to enhance the customer experience.

2. Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: 16% of operators plan to invest in AI integration, including voice recognition, in 2024, indicating a growing trend towards automation and smarter systems.

3. Generational Differences in Technology Adoption: Gen Z adults show high comfort levels (82%) with placing orders at limited-service restaurants using smartphone apps. However, there are variations across generations regarding interaction with technology at the table, with fewer baby boomers expressing interest.

4. Integration of Technology in Delivery Segment: Consumers expect seamless access to delivery services through computers or smartphones. Failure to meet these expectations may result in lost business to competitors.

5. Creative Expansion of Technology Offerings: Restaurant operators are innovating to align with consumer preferences, tailoring technology offerings to enhance the customer experience, marketing efforts, and operational efficiency.

The report underscores the importance for restaurant operators to understand consumer preferences and integrate technology accordingly to stay competitive in the evolving foodservice landscape.

For more detailed insights, the full Restaurant Technology Landscape Report 2024 is available for download, supported by Dell Technologies and SpotOn.

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