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Insight of the Day: Show is going on: Gen Z is embracing the analogue music experience

The recent survey conducted by Key Production reveals that Generation Z (ages 18-24) has the highest proportion of people who listen to physical music. This age group shows a greater preference for physical music compared to other age groups. When it comes to purchasing physical music albums, the 18-24 age bracket and the 45-54 age group have the highest proportion of CD buyers. The survey also found that 18-24 year olds are more willing to pay a small premium for vinyl LPs if they are produced with a proven reduced impact on the planet. This trend of embracing analogue music experiences among younger generations aligns with the ongoing growth of physical music sales in the UK, with vinyl sales increasing for the 16th consecutive year and CDs reporting their best year in two decades. The CEO of Key Production, Karen Emanuel, expresses her happiness that younger people recognize the value of physical music formats and are embracing the analogue music experience. The survey's findings are significant in the context of discussions about the environmental impact of vinyl production, with younger music consumers showing a willingness to pay more for environmentally friendly music.


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