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Insight of the Day: Smart TV Ownership Continues to Climb


  • Smart TVs are the Norm: Studies show consistent growth, with 72-79% of US households now owning a smart TV.

  • In-Built Apps are King:  Smart TV's built-in apps are the preferred way to watch streaming content, exceeding streaming media players and game consoles.

  • Streaming Media Player Slowdown: While still popular, streaming devices' growth is slowing as smart TVs become more common.

  • Game Consoles as Media Hubs:  Half of households own game consoles, and many are used for video streaming.

  • VR Awareness & Interest:  Apple's VR headset has high awareness and interest, aligning with increased teen VR use.


  • Smart TV Ecosystem Influence: The dominance of in-built apps gives smart TV operating systems greater control over content and advertising exposure.

  • Content & Ad Strategy:  Understanding smart TV app usage is key for marketers aiming to reach viewers effectively.

  • Competition for Streaming Devices:  The rise of smart TVs challenges standalone streaming media player manufacturers to innovate.

  • Game Consoles as Entertainment Hubs:  Marketers should consider gaming platforms when targeting young audiences with video and ads.

  • The VR Opportunity: Apple's headset, along with growing teen VR adoption, suggests increasing marketing potential within virtual environments.

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