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Insight of the Day: Social Media Shoppers Like to Stick With What They Know

The study conducted by PYMNTS Intelligence revealed that social media shoppers tend to stick with what they know when making purchases on social media platforms. Thirty-two percent of consumers surveyed said they transact on social media because it is easy and familiar, making it their top priority for shopping on social media.

One of the reasons for this preference is that shopping on social media platforms allows users to stay within the apps or websites they are already familiar with, making the purchasing process streamlined and convenient. This seamless experience encourages users to make purchases with just a few clicks or taps.

Brands are recognizing the potential in catering to this demand for easy and intuitive shopping on social media platforms. Native social checkout options are gaining traction, allowing users to make purchases without having to leave the social media app. This trend is on the rise, as confirmed by Sean Knotts, director of global eCommerce at Sonos.

Platforms like TikTok have already seen significant success in generating consumer spending through social media shopping, with TikTok surpassing $10 billion in consumer spending in December. This indicates the growing popularity and potential of social media platforms as a shopping destination for consumers.


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